The Public Auction Co. rolls out its new online auction platform

In Online Auctions on February 2, 2011 at 5:05 pm

The Public Auction Company has created a new online auctions platform, allowing government agencies, municipalities, public entities, and businesses to hold online public auctions for their unneeded assets and surplus.

Faced with a tough economy and shrinking tax revenues, many government agencies and municipalities are looking for ways to increase their cash reserves, by holding public auto auctions, heavy equipment auctions, and real estate auctions. Addressing those needs, The Public Auction Company has established a highly targeted auction platform, to connect the goverment and business sellers, with other entities and the public seeking to acquire their assets, surplus, and seized goods.

The Public Auction website, at, is aiming to set itself apart from other online auction platforms, and to make the selling process more beneficial to the sellers, by having an option of a no-commission, flat fee based accounts. This means that the sellers can hold online auctions without having to pay any fees for posting auctions, or final value fees, for most cathegories. It all saves them money, and increases their returns on their sale of assets and surplus. Also, unlike a major online competitor, protects bidders from snipers – those bidders that bid at the last moment – by extending every auction by 5 minutes, if a bid is placed with the last five minutes.

The site is free to join, and covers all of the US and Canada.